My Passport Ultra 3TB - Too much noise and vibrations

Is this normal?

Also owning a My Passport Ultra 2TB and this latter is silent at all.


Take a look at this link.

How to tell if the noise or sound the drive is making is normal

Hard drive finally dead.
It made a click and afterwards disappeared from my finder (macosx). additionally the disk utility (within macosx) does not recognize this unit either.
Besides it, connected on a windows 8 system, same results.
Same results also in my Synology DS414 NAS.
Worst thing is that there is not any telephone number in Spain where to call to claim its warranty.
Any help?
Thanks in advance.

@luismanibarro have you contacted any companies about data recovery or assistance? if not, I can recommend a couple that might just be able to give you a hand!