My Passport Ultra 3 TB isn't recognized on Roku 2 XS help?

Hello I’ve been having trouble trying to get my Roku 2 XS to recognize My Passport Ultra Hard Drive. I’ve been trying to troubleshoot myself but I haven’t had luck. To be honest I’m not even sure if the Roku 2 XS is even compatible with the Passport Ultra Hard Drive or if there is something I just haven’t done to have it connect. The Roku does have a 2 TB limit and because mine is 3 TB I have split it into 3 partition but it still won’t recognize any of them. If anyone knows how to help I would appreciate it very much. Or if you know for a fact that the Roku 2 XS isn’t compatible with this particular hard drive can anyone recommend either a different media player that will in fact work with this hard drive or another hard drive that will work with the Roku 2 XS? Thanks!

I have a Roku 2 as you, and I know it is a pretty lame media player, but a great little streamer of internet video. I would look online (e.g. Amazon, Newegg, etc) for a good brand of portable drive that is 2TB or less – even if it is USB2 Because of its age, I would suspect the Roku 2 can’t handle anything over 2TB.

I personally use a WDTV, but they have ceased to exist as new units anymore. I have two 2TB desktop drives connected to it.

Many of us now connect media players to our NAS devices. No need for an attached HD. and many devices can access home network, but don’t have capability to attach USB devices to them.

I think the <2TB drive is your best solution if Roku must be used.

I’ve been doing a lot of research and it seems like the Roku 2 XS does not recognize drives larger than 2TB even if you partition it. So like you said I’ll have to get something less than 2TB. Thank you!