My Passport Ultra 2tb is inaccessible

When connected to my pc, the drive does not appear when clicking the my computer icon although it is visable on the device manager.

When going through the properties it states that  

(General) device is working properley

(Policies) Quick removal selected

(Volumes) Disk 1 Type Unknown, Status not initialised, Partition style Not applicable, Capacity 0mb, Unallocated space 0mb, Reserved space 0mb

**(Driver) **up to date

(Details) value: disk drive

The device is only a month old and i have stored some irreplaceable data and photo’s of deceased relatives that cannot be replaced.

I returned it to the store who were happy to replace but could not get the data off it, so that wasn’t an option!

How do i retrieve or transfer the data???

You can try data recovery software Recuva is one EaseUs has a free one too


Thanks for the advice Joe,

Downloaded both, but the drive seems locked and unaccesable to allow the programs to recover the data?