My Passport Ultra 2TB - disk spinning but no ligth and no recognized

Hi all

I have been using this for just one week, and it was fine until now!

Once connected to an USB 3 port, the ligth flash once and then remaings off. I can hear/feel the disc spinning, but it not get recognized by Windows 7 in a tower PC -it should give enough power-.
I have tried other USB ports in the PC (both USB 3 and USB 2) with different cables and I have tried also in a laptop, but no results.

What else can I try before I ask for an RMA? Is any way I can get access back to the 700MB already stored there?

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

If the drive comes up in disk management, you can try to get the data back with a data recovery software, let’s see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter.

Thanks ArMark, but unfortunately it doesn’t show up in Disk Management nor Hardware Management. It looks like it has some issues with the USB to disc interface PCB, as power is not the problem (the disc is spinning). I’ve been searching in internet and there are replacement PCB for these discs, but there are not cheap to buy and also, being so new, I do not want to loose the warranty.

I wonder if WD support (I have already raised a ticket with them) will try to repair the disc or they will only suggest an RMA :-C as the data in the disc is not the 700MB I said before… but 700GB!! and for the majority I haven’t backup.

Let’s hope that the WD support guys got a solution for me!

That depends on what the issue is. “Repairs” can only be done by troubleshooting. If the issue is physical then the unit will have to be replaced.

Totally agree, and this process takes time…
… and talking about time… Do you know how long it takes on average to get a support ticket replied?
I’ve posted mine 3 days ago, and still no answer.

It’s usually between 1 to 2 days, unless we’re experiencing high volumes. However, I see that a reply was sent out to you today. You may want to check your spam folders to make sure it didn’t land there.

Hi Bill_S

Thanks for your reply. Got the reply from Support already. I’ve decided to go to the RMA route, as there were no more solutions.


I work at a data recovery company, and this is a pretty common situation we see daily. From the sounds of it, there is a chance that the firmware on this 2TB drive is corrupt or damaged, which is why the computer can not see it. It could also be mechanical, with the read/write heads not functioning as they should. For more info, click here.

Hi Bruce_Hennings

Thanks for the help, but I already went the RMA route and I’m due to receive the replacement unit in a couple of days.