My passport ultra (2018)

Your latest product My Passport Ultra (2018) [photo attached] is visible on your website but not available for sale anywhere in India.
I have been waiting since few months but no progress.
When are you going to launch it in India ? Or how can I order one from India ?

Awaiting your positive reply !mpu1

This is a User to User Forum … not a direct line to WD Product Availability

I suggest you contact WD directly and ask them.

Here’s a contact link :

And for “Subject” i would select Product Availabilty

My request is not getting forwarded on the link you gave above

. An error is shown (refer screenshot).

Besides I already tried contacting WD directly but it doesn’t accept my submission stating that my phone number is invalid. That’s why I contacted you here.

Well, if you can’t get through to WD directly … i’m not sure if anyone here can help you :confused:

I guess you’ll have to chase up sellers/retailers in your region and ask them when they are getting them ?

Haha… I already did it few months back. Turns out they aren’t even aware that such a product is in existence.

However couldn’t you get someone from wd to contact me directly on my mail. Or is there any twitter account for WD ?