My Passport Ultra 1T USB HDD is not recognised by my Desktop PC

Hello, i am a newcomer in this forum. I have the following problem with my passport ultra 1T usb HDD:
It seems that my desktop pc whitc has an OS Windows 8 is not recognizing the WD PASSPORT ULTRA HDD.
When i plug it to computer’s USB it is shown as a LOCAL DISK D.
I tried to plug it to another PC and it came up with the same result.
When i use it on my TV USB is working well.
Also, it can be seen in Disk Management as Healthy and 100% empty.
In addition to that, i can see it in Device Manager.
I have very important data and want to find away not to lose it.

Hello, welcome to the community.

You mention that you are able to see this information when the drive is connected to the TV, if you are able to, then I would recommend you to check and enable, “show hidden files and folders” within the folder options on Windows 8.

Thanks very much for your interest. I have downloaded a program called Recuva and i am waiting for the results. Then i will follow your suggestion and i will let you know as soon as possible.
Have a nice evening.

Best regards