My Passport Ultra 1 TB usb suddenly stopped working

Unit purchased in 2015. Has been working fine for years (Microsoft 10 OS). A few days ago would not backup. Found drive almost full and did a format. Now has stopped working. Each day I would open with a password, then click on backup and it would backup my PC. Started doing this in 2015 when Ransomware disabled my PC. Now, after format, there is no nowhere to click to perform backup.PC detects My Passport Ultra, and I can manually put files there, but there is no way to backup my PC. Have tried downloading WD Backup, Utilities, Security, but there must have been something on the drive to set up a backup and is now gone.

Hi cjaxon,

Are you getting any error message while creating the backup using WD Backup or the drive is not showing up in the WD Backup?


  First I deleted all my WD downloads, and downloaded WD Backup,

Utilities and Security yesterday and now I can unlock my WD My
Passport Ultra and do a backup. All OK now. Thanks for replying.