My Passport totally freeze my mac

My WD Passport (Model WD5000MT) when is connected with firewire800, works great for some minutes (i can copy/delete files, mount/unmount, etc…).

After 10/15 minutes my mac get totally frozen and I can do nothing.

The only solution is forcing shutdown with the power button.

These are my specs:

MacBookPro Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz

Mac OS X 10.6.2

All WD Software is up-to-date (Turbo, driver, etc…)

I had the same issue even with Mac OS X 10.5

Can someone suggest how to solve it?



1. Uninstall the WD Turbo driver, Restart the computer?. If the problem still exist. Go to step 2 then 3

  1. Back up or copy all of your data from the WD My Passport to your MacBookPro Laptop drive.

  2. Use the DiskUtilities to format the WD My Passport drive with Mac GUID partition.