My Passport Studio


I have a new 500 GB Passport Studio that I am using with a MacBook Pro. I am only backing up pictures on it. The initial backup went well, but since then I have added about 150 new images to iphoto and My Passport doesn’t seem to have backed them up. The number of free GB has stayed the same for over 24 hours. The LED light is blinkng, and the Data Gauges are showing zero.   Is something wrong?

Hi there! HOw are you backing up the files? Are you using Smartware or Time Machine? o.o

I’m using Smartware.  

Are the files matching in numbers under the home tab (Not under backup)?

Hi Again,

The files do not match under the Home tab. It says there’s a total of 249.7GB on my Mac, but each separate file (system, other, music, pictures etc) says 0 bytes. The My Passport column says 499.3 GB total, and additional files 0 bytes.