My Passport studio with WD Smartware?

Hi, I currently have a mac an use a WD my passport essential SE drive. I had installed the WD smartware that works with that drive.

I’ve ordered a new 1tb WD My passport studio drive. I see that it has it’s own secuirty software. Will it work wtih my already installed WD smartware. Or will there be a compatibility issue? 

Will I have to install the security software for this drive? If I do (in order to use a password, which i need to do) will that be a problem with having the WD smartware already installed (which i need for my other drive).

I want to use both drives with the mac and be able to have a password on both.


If it is the new Passport Studio that has a black top with a silver body, then it won’t work with Smartware at all. So yes, you’ll have to use the app that comes with this drive if you want to lock it.