My Passport Studio & VCD

Hello, i bought an External HDD 

My Passport Sudio … and as you know it’s already formated for MAC 

i am using WIndows 7 … do i did a reformat it using the tool on Support area , 

Serial : [Deleted]

ID : 071D

Firmware Revision : 1041

but !! … i dont see the VCD … 

1- i’ve downloaded the latest Version of Smartware, i got : 

and the settings tab : 

2- tried to update the firmware using the tool , i got : 

3- downloaded the file : WDSmartWare_Windows_Disk_Image_PP4R2_1_4_1_2

extracted on the HDD … when i tried to run  the Smartware.exe : 

when i tried : Unlock.exe

could u please help me to get the VCD Back … and to lock my HDD ?? 

Best regards,

uninstall the software and download this

Smartware CD Image

i got the file already … tried to format the disk … redownloaded the file from the link … followed the instructions … copied the files to the root of the disk … when i tried to open the file " WD SmartWare.exe" i got an error : 

application not started from drive

what i can do ?