My Passport Studio for Mac & Powerbook G4

Happy Update:

I thought I’d let you know the happy outcome (good news seldom gets published in this type of forum).

I returned the Ultra to Amazon for a refund,  and took delivery of a !TB Pasport Studio for Mac a day or so ago, also, from Amazon UK.    I love Amazon.

(The Ultra has a USB 3 outlet, my old Mac USB 2 and Firewire 800 - I could of bought a Y cable but decided not to and go for the faster Firewire connectivity)

It worked straight out of the box,connected via the supplied Firewire 800 cable to my old, trusty Mac G4 Powerbook laptop,   :smiley:

The drive was already pre formatted in Mac OS Extended (Journaled),   :smiley:.

I changed the desk icon to the WD icon (I used the nice icon in the included isoftware).

If anybody wants to know how, please ask.

I  opened my copy of DiskWarrior v4.4 and rebuilt the directory. I use DiskWarrior on all my disks for regular preventative maintanance.

I am now ready to go filming to France next Jan, skiing with my GoPro movie camera. I will dowload & review each days shooting to My Passport HDD, each evening.

(And when I get back to the UK I will transfer all data to my iMac for editing in Final Cut Pro X and upload some movies to YouTube – see my profille for link to my website which has a link to my YouTube section).

I am so pleased with the WD My Passport Studio drive for Mac. The design and build quality is superb.

I don’t use any password protection, don’t see the need. Just something that could go wrong. I like to keep things as simple as possible. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid - well known saying used in the design & advertising industry).

I don’t use the WD software either, no reflection on that. I’m sure it is excellent.

I use Disk Utility and DiskWarrior for regular preventative maintanance on all my 11 hard disks.

And i use Apple’s Time Machine for regular backup.

Been doing this for years. - I have a well oiled, smooth running system. And do the Safe Boot procedure to rebuild my computers directory regularily.   :smiley:

Thank you WD for such good products, and thank you Amazon, for such good sevice.  :smiley:


(I hope Amazon see this)

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Nice story, thanks for sharing it. 


I have a Powerbook G4 OSX Tiger - can I use a 2TB My Passport Studio with this laptop or should I stick to the 1TB?