My Passport Studio - 640GB Firewire - Use with Mac and PC


I have the following WD Passport:

My Passport Studio
Ultra-portable Hard Drives
640 GB, FireWire 800, USB 2.0


I am using it with my Mac Book Pro, which using Boot Camp, I have Snow Leopard and Windows 7 installed.


I can use my WD Passport when running Leopard but not when I’m running Windows 7, due to the Disk Format.


How can I reformat my WD Passport, so that I cnn use it with both Leopard and Windows 7 via the Firewire Port without any degregation of performance.


Can I format the drive directly from Windows 7 or Snow Leopard?


I plan to use the disc simply as Scratch Disc, for software I use on Windows and Mac.


Any help would be appreciated.





You could partition it on the Mac using the FAT 32 Dos partitioning scheme.  But you will have a 4 GB file size limitation.