"My passport" Stopped working

I’ve the My Passport 750G, I was in a middle of copying files to it and by mistake it fall from 30 cm height.

Next step I’ve tried to connect it back to the computer but it took about half minute until it got recognized, I’ve disconnected it and from then I cant use it anymore, when I connect it to any computer it’s not being recognized at all…

The light blue led it working, the Disk is working too… no noises from the disk, but nothing happens, it’s like windows don’t even know that I’ve connected the “my passport” to it. the cable was checked with another device and it work well.

Any Ideas ?!.. there is any way to save the information ? to recover it ?

Thank you.


Hi there, 

Must likely data/partition has gotten corrupted. You could try running a Data Recovery Software to retrieve the files. You can go on Google and search for Data Recovery and you’ll find plenty of options.

Drives like the one you have need to be threaded carefully , dropping it will seriously harm data and drive itself.

Hope your able to get the data out of there.


How Could I use Recovery Software if the windows does not recognize it even… ? it’s like I didnt connected the “My Passport” to the computer.

Some software’s are still able to see it , even when Windows does not recognized the drive. That’s one option , the other option will be to send it to a Data Recovery Company . 

 In  WD’s web you can find a list of Recovery places they recommend.