My passport ssd hangs while accessing data

I have a my passport 500GB ssd. I am noticing that when I try to access files on the device (read or write), the device will sometime “hang”, as in it will appear to do nothing for several seconds. Then it will start working again. This is especially noticeable when I play multiple music files from the drive - sometimes the device will play the files one after another with no issue, while other times there will be a several second delay between different songs.

I have the device attached to a Dell Vostro laptop, using the USB 3.0 port.

Is the hanging due to the device going into power saving mode or something?


There could be several reasons as the drive is having performance issues.

Please refer to the following link to troubleshoot Benchmarking programs indicate that my hard drive is performing slower than expected

So the issue isn’t really performance in that the transfer rate of data is fine - when it is working. The issue is that it seems as if the drive is losing connection to my computer. The transfer rate doesn’t just slow down - it stops entirely, and programs accessing data on it become temporarily unresponsive.