My Passport SSD Connection Lost?

Hello, I purchased a My Passport SSD and have it set up on my Macbook Pro at work since the beginning of this week. It has been plugged in constantly, and over the last week I have not moved my computer from my work station. Throughout the day the drive works as expected, but when I arrive in the morning and try to save items to the drive nothing appears in the drive at all. I see that the drive is still mounted and appears in my Devices side bar, but when I select it the drive appears completely empty. The drive is also visible from the always-on WD utility, but when I click on it there the drive also appears to be empty. If I Force Eject the drive and reconnect it all existing content shows up again.

Unfortunately this issue has caused me to loose significant amounts of work… If I’m working on a file stored on that drive and leave it open overnight, when I arrive the next day I am unable to save to the drive and must force close the affected applications. Has anyone gone through a similar issue, and know how to troubleshoot?


Just want to update this and add that the drive ‘disconnected’ mid-day today as well. I was actively working on files stored on the drive, and although the drive is still visible in my Finder and through the WD utility, it is completely unresponsive and will not load saved files. When trying to save a file to the drive during this ‘lost connection’ phase the application I’m using will freeze and needs to be Force Closed. Similarly, since files from the drive are in use, the drive cannot be disconnected without Force Ejecting. This issue is essentially making the drive unusable at this point.

Anyone have any idea about what could be causing this issue? This has been an extreme nuisance, but I’d love to attempt some troubleshooting before replacing the drive entirely.

The same thing happening to me again and again.

Wasn’t able to get any assistance here or through WD support. Returned this drive and replaced with a Sandisk Extreme SSD which has been working fine :ok_hand: