My Passport Slim | After removal of the password file are still write protected

I recently bought My passport Ultra Slim 2TB. I had the it password enabled, after I disabled the password protect future most of my files are still write protected. I can see them on the folders but when im trying to open them i get the below message. I tried to enble the passwor protection disable it again but i still have no access to that file.

Im really disaapointed of western digital bad password protection implementation.

Is anyone awre of a way to make this work please ?


windows cannot access the specified file, device or file. You may not have the appropriate permission to access that file.

That sounds like your logged in user doesn’t currently have permission/privs to view the files (it doesn’t have ownership or admin rights) rather than anything specificaly related to passwords etc.

Have a look  here and see if doing that on a single sample test file restores access to it for you. You’ll probably need to be logged in with (or to give a password for) admin rights for it to be do-able (presuming you’re on Windows Vista or above - you don’t actually say what OS version you’re running which would help.

The link isn’t quite the same issue as yours, but the solution should be similar.

Indeed it seems to be a problem with the user rights, strange how out of the blue this happened. 

I did tried the steps on the link provided but it didnt help :frowning:

To just confirm the obvious - you are actually using the same PC and user account that you used to write the files to the drive in the first place?

One other thing you could do is burn yourself a Linux LiveCD or make a Linux LiveUSB and boot from that and see if your files are then accessible from that. If so then you could copy them off to somewhere else safely, then confirm if you can open the files from that new source (having maybe done the previous trick of taking ownership of them if necessary) and if all is well reformat your drive and put the files back onto it so you can read them again.

Either that or try with the administrator account on your PC if you have one set up. You still haven’t told us exactly what OS you are using, which could well influence things. Which version of Windows is it (presuming from the previous discussions that it is one) and does  your account there have administrator rights available to it or not?