My Passport shows up only when connected to USB 2.0 ports, not USB 3.0

Windows 7 64-bit

Installed drivers on WD website and included on My Passport

Windows Device Manager still shows Other devices > Unknow device and will not “Update Driver” when searching online or when browsing to WD drivers on my local disk

This is quite irritating that I have a USB 3.0 drive that I can only use at 2.0 speeds

Does anyone know the fix?

If you added the USB 3 or it is a separate card it may be a driver issue there. Check the card maker’s site for driver updates. You can also try deleting the USB 3 driver and rebooting system. That should load a fresh driver.


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right on Joe.  totally forgot about the motherboard driver since the usb 3 ports are integrated.  thanks for your help.