My passport showing up as Local disk instead of removeable drive

My external hard-drive (WD Passport 1TB) is recognised fine by my laptop, but when I plug it into my desktop it doesn’t function the same. It’s recognised fine but when I can’t see it under My Computer, I did a bit of researth and assigned it a letter under Disk managment, the problem is my desktop is recognising it as another harddrive and wanting me to formart it instead of as a removable mass-storage device. Can anyone tell me how to fix this? 

What OS are you using? Look in Disk Management and down where it shows the drives as bars what does it say there something like Raw or Unallocated.


Joe’s right; what operating systems are the computers? if it works on one but the other asks you to format it then they don’t have compatible file systems.

i have the same problem too. when i went to disk management, i saw the file system as a RAW. please help me to recorver data on my wd hdd 1TB. thx

What OS are you using? Does the drive show in Disk Management and does it say anything down where the bars are like Raw? Check the links in post above this one.


As for my case, the  Local Disk F is not in the Disk Management…And when I open drive F…I cannot see my files and when I try to copy and paste it doesn’t allow me to do so…