My Passport SE USB 3.0 1TB won't eject from OSX

I have several WD external drives for my Mac. I have now purchased two 1TB USB 3.0 My Passport SE drives, and am having the same problem with both of them. After they have been connected for a while, I cannot eject them normally. I must do a “Force Eject”. I am using password protection for both of them. I have never had this problem with two 1TB USB 2.0 drives, 500 GB drives or 320 GB drives. I am running OSX 10.6.6 on a 2007 MacBook Pro.  Since I have having the same problem on both 3.0 drives, I assume it is something about these drives. Any clues?

Hi there, what would -you- call a force eject? I just click on the Smartware logo on the system tray, select the Passport and then select the option to unmount the volume (And then unmount CD) and it works like a charm o.o

If I try to eject the drive after the computer has woken from sleep mode, I get a pop up window with an error that the drive cannot be ejected, some of the files may be in use. There are buttons to Cancel or to Force Eject. You have to confirm Force Eject again, then the disk is forcibly ejected. Supposedly I could get file damage, but I haven’t had any files open, so nothing has been damaged. But I must unplug the drive and plug it in again, the unlock it, before I can access any files on it. 

This problem exists on two 1TB USB 3.0 drives, and on two different Macs, both running current Snow Leopard. 

If I disable security, and lose password protection, the drives function normally. But if I set the password, they will stop functioning after the computer wakes from sleep mode. I can see folders but cannot see files. Errors “cannot be read or written”, and “could not be opened”. Cannot eject the drive without Force Eject. 

These drives use a different unlock program than my USB 2.0 1TB Passport. Something in OSX doesn’t like the new one?

I didn’t know you had a password… That being the case, what happens to you is a normal occurrence.

The drive won’t be unlocked when the computer wakes up, it just locks itself at the moment the computer goes to sleep but the computer keeps a ghost image thinking the drive is still connected, while on reality it has been locked. This does not happen when you shut down the computer instead of having it sleep.

It may annoyt a bit, but this means that the security is doing its job.

Now that I know what is happening. I can work around it. But I think it is a bug. This is a new problem with this version of the My Passport SE drive. The USB 2.0 1TB My Passport does not have to be unlocked when the computer wakes up. Does this mean the security is not working on that version? If it is secure, I prefer the previous version of the unlocking software.