My passport SE not recognised on Mountain Lion Macbook pro

I have a My Passport SE (originally bought for a Windows PC). On buying a new Macbook Pro with Mountain Lion OS X 10.8, I wanted to reformat the drive so that I could use it on my new Mac. Unfortunately, it would seem that the this drive is incompatible with USB 3 enabled Macbook Pros. The drive will not be recognised on a Mountain Lion Mac with USB 3 capability but t will be recognised on a Mountain Lion Mac that only has USB 2 capability. Anybody else had the same problem? Is there any way that one can switch off the USB 3 feature? Is WD going to support Mountain Lion?

Further news! I thought I’d try connecting my Mac formatted My Passport Essential SE to my new Macbook Pro via a USB 2 hub to see if forcing the drive to connect via USB 2 might change things. Although I still can’t see the drive when I go to Finder - Go - Computer, when I go to About this Mac - More Info - System Report - Hardware - USB, it does show that there is a My Passport 0730 on a USB hub. Bizarre!!