My Passport SE 1TB

I’ve had this drive for around 4 months, and last week it started to not read correctly.  

When connected, the drive shows up as My Passport 0730 under the Safely Remove Hardware application in the system tray, but if you go to My Computer it simply says Local Disk and the drive letter (F:). 

It then prompts me to reformat this drive so that I can use it. When I click that it takes a while then comes up with Windows cannot format the drive.

I’ve also noticed that at some time during all this happens, the light goes off on the drive then turns back on and blinks a few times. All short blinks, the same timing for each. I believe it blinks like 6 times I think…

Anything I can do? I don’t mind losing the data on it, but I’d like use of the device.


Download WD Quick formatter, this tool should solve the problem…