My Passport SE 1TB - Drive Settings/Set Up Drive Greyed out Post Erase - Bad email support Help

Had to erase the drive as I forgot the password I had set.

I downloaded and installed the software image back on to the device. However, I am unable to setup the security as in the WD Smartware software, under Settings, the Drive Settings ‘Set Up Drive’ option is greyed out.

Windows 7 Prof SP1 x32 sees the drive fine and is seen in disk manager.

Any advice please?

The item is in warranty and I did log 2 cases however I have had no response from WD support and the pages throw up errors when clicking on the cases. Details of the device and Case numbers are below:



Cases:  - when clicking on the cases get a Service and Support Internal Server error!

uninstall and reinstall the software

make sure the drive is recognized by the PC

you can download the CD image from here