My Passport problem

Good evening all, I have just bought a My Passport portable hard drive for my Mac. All looks to have set up Ok, back up taking place etc but I have started to burn a bunch of DVD’s on my Mac and copy them for storage onto the WD drive and have a problem. Each time I copy a film onto the WD drive the ‘additional files’ section on the WD SmartWare home screen shows an increase in capacity use of double the film size I placed onto the drive. The movies I have burned and copied onto the drive are half the size shown. To check I just copied a single film just now and the amount of free space on the drive declined by twice the size of the film. Any help would be great. Thank you.

The definition of additional files are files that have been dragged and droped on the drive manually

It appears you are manually copying files and also have the movie section activated in smartware therefore movies are backed up twice

Disable the movie section and copy the movies manualy let me know how it turns out for you.