My Passport problem

Since yesterday,when i try to access a folder,windows says “X folder is not accessible,the device is not ready”
I dont know whats wrong but sometimes the disk let me open certain folders but not the others and sometimes i cant open anything
Any idea on how to fix this issue pls?
Thank you.


We would recommend you perform a diagnostic test on the drive to determine the optimal health of the drive:


This error can be occurred due to improper device connection. Check whether your drive is well connected or not. Also, it might be possible that the device is not compatible with your current operating system. Go to device manager and check if it asks for updation.

I have same problem, but no data is lost.
This phenomenon appears after roughly 30 minutes which looks like a timeout for sleeping mode becomes active and drive no longer operational, despite trying to access.
No way to wake it up again.
Folders are empty, and files just not there.
To recover your data, just power off computer to be able to disconnect drive properly, then restart Windows, plug in your drive on USB port, enter password and surprisingly all your data are there.
Hope this will help

Hello, i have problem with my passport external device. While connect to the computer it is showing no access to it and have to format the same, so i am afraid all data in the device will be removed please give us the solution to solve.