My Passport Pro RAID on Mac Big Sur M1

Hi all,

Need anyone advice on my passport pro with RAID1 (mirrored) which currently running on my mac mini m1 2020.

Found that disk utility shows that one of drive was missing/damaged and the RAID is not working, while WD utilities installed shown online for both drives and RAID is working.

Should I worry the RAID is not working on my passport pro? Is the WD utilities can be supported with big sur m1?



Do you see any RED LED blinking? Since the device is in RAID, Mac OSX could not see the secondary drive because the device is in RAID 1 mode. As long as you don’t see any RED LED blinking for the drive and WD Drive Utilities does not report any missing then it is SAFE.

Thanks for help and clarification. there’s no red LED blinking and didn’t aware there’s red led blinking as no description in the manual. Hopefully, it’s working fine :slight_smile: