MY PASSPORT PRO is recognized, but I can not set a password

Last Saturday I bought 2 "My Passport Pro 500gb. I installed the software which is present on the new drives. After starting the software the PC / WD software sees the new drive among the other wd drives.

If I open thw Security App or Utility app, only the two My Books are ready to set a password. The others (My Passport Go) is not shown. This occours in Windows (10) and also on my MacBook Air.

I purchased the drives in order to protect the data. Can someone please help me!

Thx in advance

Looking at the Product Page for My Passport Go … it mentions Nothing about Password Protection, nor does it make mention of any Encryption features.

Very strange. It was sold to me as a drive who password protectable. Do you know a method to get a password protection on the drive?


If the seller told you that … they were either wrong, or being dishonest