My Passport Pro 4tb RAID 0 configuration, thunderbolt connector broken - have i lost my data for ever?

Hello WD community!

The thunderbolt connector of my passport broke and there’s no other way of accessing the files, as the connector seems to be hardwired to the PCB connecting the two harddrives togehter.

Unfortunately I was a harddrive novice before this, and my harddrives was in RAID 0 configuration for maximum space - I have my archive of music productions aswell as private pictures on the disks, but it seems unlikely I will get them out safe, without going through WD’s official recovery partners. The cost would be approximately €2500 they told me.

Do anyone have experience with this issue?

I have thought of buying another My Passport Pro 4tb and switching out the hardwired cable somehow - or replace the harddrives into a new enclosure and check if the computer would recognize the discs.

However, I’m very scared that I might somehow lose the data and lose money on buying more WD products, so I’m considering the expensive recovery option, even though the price is way above my budget.

I sincerely hope someone can help me, as it seems the WD support most definitely can’t even though they are responsive and polite.!

I appreciate any input! Thank you!

RAID 0 is non-recoverable by design. It does not provide fault tolerance in case of an individual hard drive failure or the RAID controller itself dropping the volume. Replacing the enclosure will not allow for the controller to grant you access since the volume itself would still be linked to the original controller (As per RAID 0 design).

This is a very delicate situation. If you do not have a backup then the alternative is a professional data recovery service company. The RAID 0 volume requires vast expertise and dedicated hardware tools.

Thank you for your answer Trancer!

However, in this case it’s only the thunderbolt connector that is broken as you see on this image:

Would it be possible to switch out the thunderbolt connector with a working one? (it’s the one with a lot of copper on top)

So i’ve found out that the copper wiring end (30 pin connector) of the thunderbolt cable is actually easy to just replace with a working one. The problem is I don’t know how to get one or what the part is called. Also I dont know if this will mess with the raid configuration, though I wouldnt expect so.! Can anybody help me on this?

Thank you!

Hi there, same problem, need a replacement cable…
Have you find a solution ??


hey.! if you can get hold of another hd of this type you can actually switch out the cable and get the data out. My WD HD was still in warranty so they send me a new one, i think its called advance RMA, i switched out the cable, got the data out, switched the cable back and send the broken cable/hd back to their factory in germany. I now have a working hd and all the data :slight_smile: