My Passport portable wont sleep Windows 10 Surface Pro

I have a new surface pro, running latest version of windows. My new MyPassport is connected directly via usb to it (or sometimes via usb hubs, powered and non powered). Even when the surface pro is asleep, the MyPassport stays awake, constantly spinning.

Is this the fault of the MyPassport? Windows 10? I am worried that the drive will fail due to the constant spinning/heat.

I dont think I installed any kind of driver/software for it … I just plugged, formatted, and started using it.

Hi hiacedrifter,

There is no issue with the My Passport if drive doesn’t go in sleep. However, you can use WD Drive Utilities to enable Sleep Timer which turns off power to your drive after a certain period of inactivity to conserve power and minimize long-term wear on the drive.