MY Passport ( P/N WDBBEP0010BBK-01) "WDContextMenuHandler" Error Message

I have begun getting the following error massage whenever accessing any files in Windows Explorer (Windows 10 Home, v.1803, version build 17134.472 ):


C:\ Program Files\WesternDigital\WDSmartWare\locate\WDSmartWare.tmx

Appears whenever I click on any file or folder, and after closing the message I cannot move, copy, send, rename, etc. the file. WD diagnostics shows no physical issues with the drive.

Please advise. Thank you.


It sounds like something might be wrong with the SmartWare installation. You should try uninstalling the WD Smartware firstly from the computer and download the latest version of WD Smartware from the link given below.

You can refer the link given below to know the steps to uninstall WD Smartware.

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