My Passport or My Book Live with My Net

I am contemplating the purchase of a My Net router.  Can a My Passport drive be attached via usb rather than a My Book Live or My Cloud drive?  My intention is to attach the drive directly to the router.  Can the router supply the power to the drive?

Thank you.



Yes, you can connect a Passport to the back USB port of the My Net and you will be able to share the drive within your network.

Please see page 62 of the user manual for more detailes about accessing a USB storage device through WD My Net.

Thank you for pointing me to the right information.  Can the drive be powered via the usb from the router or would I need to connect its’ power supply?

Might you know if Western Digital makes a product similar to NetGear WNCE2001-100NAS Universal Wifi Wireless Adapter?