My passport notshowing up when I plug it in

So I have run into a big problem that I dont know howto fix. I was trying to install the Fat32 formatter so i could use my passport iwth Mac and Windows and when it appeared it said something about my drive and to click initialize drive, in order for it to work, so i clicked that and I was atill unable to get the fat 32 formatted for my passport. Well now my pass port wont even show up as being plugged into my computer and when i go to smartware it says that there is no readable.writable drive plugged in. Someone please help me!

If you would like to use the smartware on the drive you cannot use a fat32 partition.

It will have to be NTFS or MAC Journaled

ok, so how would i get my passport back to where it is showing up? do i uninstall the fat32?

More like reformat the drive to the OS you are running I garantee it will be read then