My passport not working

It worked fine yesterday, never dropped or anything, When i plug in the passport it makes the noise but doesnt show up in the “My computer”. On the bottom right cornor it has a usb icon so I clicked it and it shows up that it is working fine and plugged in.

 Any one have any idea why its showing in 'My computer" 

Does the drive showup in Disk Management? If so look down by the bars and what does it say something like Raw? What OS are you using?


It shoes in disk magnaement and it does say raw, And by OS you mean Windows 7?  

My passport is a 070B type  

I restored it to exfat and it works but super slow and when I restore to default it says couldn’t restore it.

P.s Before I restored it to exFat it was a black bar and said unalocated

Why are you using EXFAT? If you have Windows 7 NTFS is the best choice unless you are using on something that needs EXFAT. If you can access the dive now the best thing to do would be recover all of the data you want then reformat the drive NTFS.


When I restore to Ntfs it doesnt work. Says couldn’t format

It says windows was unable to format. 

 Any other sugggestions?

If you are trying to format it then you don’t care about the data is that correct? If so here is a refresher on partitoning Make sure you delete the partition/volume. This will wipe out the data. Sometimes a third party aprtition tool may work better. Here is a free one  look around in products. I can’t think of much more.


I did the tutorial, its formatting right now and its been a while. Is that normal?

its still been formatting.