My Passport Not Working properly

Dear Sir/Madam,

Since back 1997, or even before that I purchase Western Digital Drives as I realy find them greate, I had a computer company and all my trade marked PC only came out fited with your Western Digital Drives.

I purchased for myself a “My Passport”, the drive worked like a charm all this time. But the last 2 weeks realy started to make a noise like zing and followed by a clank.
And last week for several hours and reboots of my PC, the drive or di not worked and make a big noise, or worked but it only appeared half the information that was recorded.

I quickly got to the near Staples store, but they only had a Segate drive, which I hate this trade mark since my first bad experience selling my own PCs with my own trademark to a business company and they fail,  I have never purchased another Segate for the last 25 years or more. But, they did not had a Western available and because of work inside I purchased the Segate 3Tb external drive (still this drive makes noises also which does not make me happy).

I moved to Portugal, I purchased your product in Southampton United Kingdom, on the move I lost my receipt of purchased on Staples UK.

I looked for the receipt, but I couldn’t find. I registered to use your system for support. I looked to your system waranty check and it terminates this comming 19/08/2013, I am prety sure I purchased in september as a birthday present for myself.
Anyway, could you please help me.

How can you help me before I loose the waranty?
Is there an easier process?

Thanks in advance for your help and support.

If you confirmed that the drive is still under warranty you can take advantage of the replacement options available for your drive.

Please contact our support department either by phone or email for assistance on this.