My Passport Not Working ... PLZ HELP

Hi there,

      I bought this My Passport Essential Drive 320GB ,P/N–WDBAAA3200ABL more than 2 years ago… I used well but not too much, Have saved all my working data from past 2 years pictures and FIlmings and Now I can’t access this from past 2 months… 

  When I connect to a Laptop the device is being recognising but when I try access the data by clicking on the Ikon I can’t find any Data there and a pop up is being showing to format the Drive to access but I dint do any format because i thought  I may lose the data. and now after 2 weeks when I’m trying to connect and find a solution I can hear a certain weird noise from the drive like something damage has done and got loose in side … But I’m sure I dint drop then hard Drive anytime. 


What do I do to recover Data back from hard Drive ??

Is it possible to make my Hard work back again ??

how much it may cost if take this to a Data Recovery center ??

Please help me to find this solution  :) A big Request 



Hello, well data recovery is not cheap, but if the passport is still recognized by the computer you can use a data recovery program like recuva or testdisk to recover the files. Check the links below.