My Passport not working on my Mac but light is on and can hear it processing


I have had my external hardrive for about a year. It has ALL my photos on it, so if I can’t get it working then I have lost 10 years of my lfie.

I have never had any problems at all. Saturday night I put some TV shows on it and then Sunday morning I put some more photos on it. Sunday afternoon i took it to my Mum’s to share my movies with her. Plugged it into her Mac Book Air and it popped up, then it disappeared. So I tried it on my Mac Book Pro (the laptop I always use with it) and it just didn’t show up.

The light comes on and you can hear the device working, making a humming noise. But it just doesn’t pop up as an icon on my Mac.

Please help me! Have I lost all my photos? How do I get them back? I am happy to just buy a new hard drive but I don’t want to lose all my memories. Thank you!

The drive is not getting enough power to spin up, because you are using a laptop. First make sure that the laptops power adapter is directly connected to a wall outlet. If the drive is still not seen try buying a power booster cable from wd.

I have the same problem. My Passport for Mac doesn’t show up on my Mac Book Pro. The light is on, I can hear it working but it doesn’t show up on finder or disk utility (and the MBP is plugged into a power source).

When I plug the Passport into my daughters Mac Book Air it works fine.


Try downloading turbo driver. What model is it?

It is plugged in to the wall and it still won’t work. I’ll try buying a new cable for it. Thank you!

It won’t work on any Mac for me. Plugged in or not. And yet it has worked for my on a fornightly basis for a year now.

I am not sure on the model…it is just a black Passport. What does a turbo driver do?