My Passport not recognized by my laptop

When I plug in my drive the computer fails to recognize it and prevents it from starting up.  I’ve tried updating drivers but it can’t becuase it sees the device as unknown.  Is there a fix for this or should I just throw it out and buy a new one?  If that’s the fix, I’ll be looking at other options - the drive isn’t that old…  Has anyone had the same problem?

Firsy make sure that the laptop power adapter is directly connected to a wall outlet, then try diff ports,cables and connect drive to a desktop comp. You can also download WD SES driver in website you just need to hover your mouse on support click on download and on the right side you will see MOST POPULAR DOWNLOADS, under that would be WD SES DRIVER, determine if your are using 32bit or 64bit OS then download and install driver. Then check drive status under disk management if you can see it there try to reformat it.,295/session/L3RpbWUvMTM1OTkxNTU3OC9zaWQvLUJ5ZkhYaGw%3D