My Passport not Performing Automatic Backups

My Passport is not performing the scheduled automatic backups. I have the backup schedule set to once a day at 3:00am. I am able to perform manual backups with no problems. I am running the Windows 10 operating system. I believe that the computer is going into sleep mode and this is causing the problem, but am unsure how to work around this. Any solutions to this problem would be appreciated.

The model of the printer and the name (SSID) of the wireless will appear on the screen. And it finally concludes the connection setup. Run a test print.
The Canon PIXMA MG3520 Wireless Printer Setup has been programmed to be easy to deal with and be user-friendly, otherwise nobody would dare to follow connect to wireless printer instruction and instead have it pre-installed.

This has nothing to do with my issue.


This is due to Windows 10 and your computer. You can ask from this forum. Check your BIOS setting to wake up/power on at/before your backup task start.