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my 1 week old external 500 gb drive fell out of my laptop carry case… it fell about a meter onto hardwood flooring. The drive worked perfectly before. now it doesn’t… when I plug it into the usb drive, the light goes solid. then it starts to blink a bunch of times.then it goes solid and stay solid. the first solid light and during the blinking i feel like its trying to spin. i think it goes spin stop, spin stop, spin stop. etc… then when its the final light i dont think it does anything…

If i go to Safely remove USB devices i see it but no drive letter. I can click on its properties and everything says its working properly…

im looking at the computer management window… when I click disk management I see it. But its properties are Unknown. the file size is 2047.35 gb… (HUGE!!, its only 500gb) and it also says Not initialized… when I try to initialize it, a window appears. it says you must initialize a disk before you can acces it… I have two options… MBR ( master boot record) and GPT ( GUID partition table)… I dont know what to choose… also if I choose one of these will it format the drive???

any help would be great… thanx!!!


The drive is essentially broken.  You’re looking at data recovery.  You could try some data recovery software, but that’s only if it isn’t making clicking sounds, and is still spinning.  I doubt you’ll be able to recover the data without help, though.