My Passport not ejected properly?

This is the second time this has happened. I get the message “the disk was not ejected properly”, even though I have not touched it. The first time I took it back and they plugged it in and it worked fine, they said there was a problem with the new computer, so I bring it back home and called Applecare and while I was waiting I plugged it in and it was fine. About a month later (yesterday) it did it again. Right now the light is on solid and the disk is spinning but the icon is missing and it is not listed in Finder under “devices” Thanks in advance for any advice.

I decided to restart the computer and it seems to be working fine now. Does it sound like I need to replace the cable?

It could be the cable, the drive, or the port on the computer - not enough information to make an informed diagnosis - however, replacing the cable is a low-cost precaution…

Thanks Great-Scott, I just ran a complete drive test using WD Drive Utilities twice and both times the test cancelled itself at 40%.

@wornslick - Try it from a different computer, using a different cable. If the same issue occurs something is possibly wrong with the drive. If the issue doesn’t occur it’s either the cable or the port/computer.

I am having the same problem. I upgraded to El Capitan and I am now getting the improper ejection scolds intermittently on my Passport for Mac. The desktop icon remains gold in color rather than cycling between blue and gold, which I assume means it is running nonstop The Passport seems to be doing regular backups and I have tested it to confirm it is picking up new files. I have been getting support from WD and have been using a new cable they provided. The cable did not solve the problem. Prior to upgrading to El Capitan, I never had this problem. I am assuming this must be related to El Capitan, but I can’t link it to any specific use of the computer. I just got this “scold” while typing this note, but it seems to happen randomly.