My Passport not detected Server 2012 USB 3.0

I have tried several My Passport external hard drives (WDBBEP0010BBK) on my new Windows 2012 R2 server. When I connect them to the USB 3.0 ports i only see the drive for an instant in my computer and it has a question mark on it. Something also flashes on and off in the task bar.

Drive works fine on USB 2.0 ports. Is this drive comparable with my OS? If so any suggestions? Drivers or. Other config?

It would be disappointing to have to use it as a 2.0 drive.


Passport drives are not supported in Windows Server. They might work but we cannot guarantee it will.

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That is very unfortunate. I also has the same experience with a My Book Essentials external drive. I wish WD would have just listed this comparability on the products page. Can you recommend any particular external drive for use with Windows Server 2012 R2?

Compatibility and supported systems are listed under the “Specifications” tab of the product page:

At this moment WD doesn’t offer a USB drive that is supported under Windows Server 2012.


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I needed to add an expansion ports to my server and when I did I found the Passport drives are now properly detected and function as 3.0 devices when plugged into the new PCIe USB card.