My Passport not detected FIX

Hello everyone. I made an account just to share a fix I found for when My Passport isn’t detectded. I tried to post on a pervious thread but it was closed.

What would happen was I would plug in the external, my computer would recognize it was plugged in, but with an error icon in device manager. Nothing would come up at all in disc manager. It was working for a year before this.

Let it be noted this thing never left my home office. It was never dropped and always taken care of. I tried getting it to work on multiple PCs to no avail.

The lights worked, I could hear the disk spin, but nothing else. Finally I just used a ruler and my finger nails to pop open the case. The hard drive is connectded to a micro USB chip (the thing that makes it external). I removed that by pulling it off. That revealed a SATA and power slot. I found an unused SATA cable and plugged it into my PC (along with the power connector from my power supply. Booted my PC and TAHDAH! All my files were there.

This isn’t a solution for everyone, but it might be for someone who is as frusterated as I was. =)

thanks for the information