My Passport not detected by Router USB port

My WD Passport (USB3.0) iTB can be used when directly connected to my Windows 7 laptop without any issue. When I recently bought my D-Link Router DIR-857 which has a USB 3.0 port I tried connecting my WD Passport drive to it for sharing files over the network, but cannot see it or access it on the network. When I connect a USB thumb drive to the router, I can see and share its contents on the network, but not the WD.

Is there a compatibility issue here or does the drive firmware needs to be updated?

I ask D-Link technical support and was told that the drive might have a compatibility issue.


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I don’t think  you can use this drive as a network drive. Try posting in the network section you might find more help there.


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:smiley:  This question was moved from its original post to this one, marked as the solution…if the answer is elsewhere, this is not the solution…on my Belkin Router, they work just fine for backing up (I have 2) but the port has to be initialized first…Once done, this works best if you are using your drive to store your media files…Programs, not so much.  The Portal is now my WD Bible!    It provided me with any and everything I needed, right down to my S/Nos., which had long disappeared on the units…Good Luck!