My Passport not detected anymore

I have a portable (USB) WD My Passport (1TB), which I use for back up of all my important data. I last copied files from my laptop (mac book) to My Passport and left as it was taking long. When I came back it seemed done as My Passport was no longer connected. I unplugged My Passport and deleted all files on my laptop to clear it. When I re-plugged My Passport into my laptop later that day it was no longer captured by my laptop for access, but its LED was/is flashing. As it is not being detected by my laptop I am unable to access my files. I don’t understand how this could happen! My urgent question is: How can I get to my data??? I need urgent help! (PS. Changed usb cable - even though it still looks as new - but it didn’t help!)


You could refer to the following link: