My passport : no space available

I want to upload photos from my ipad to My passport via My Cloud. It’s a new disk so there’s about 900Gb available, yet i get the message : “No space available. There isn’t enough room on your mobile device…”  What the heck??? Obviously doing something wrong, but what? Thanks for any help



Do you get the same message if you try to upload a single file?

Make sure that you are following the steps correctly since the message that you are getting is in reference of your mobile device.

Thanks for your reply!

No, i can copy a few photos without getting this message. It seems to be a problem related to the ipad : i can copy many photos (about 500Mb) from my Asus pad (android) or my pc (windows) with no problems, this via a wireless connection or a usb connection. Strange! My aim is to make space on my ipad by copying stuff to the external disk