My passport needs configuration and I can not access it

I bought my passport, 1 TB, in 2014 and haven’t used it much all that time.
Recently, I wiped the drive clean when Win 10 was installed, and I wanted to get rid of the old stuff.
I installed all the new files and the categories I wanted, and it worked fine until I noticed that I can not access it anymore. There is a message coming up so fast that I can’t read. The only word, I figured out, is “configure”.
My question is: How do I configure the drive when I don’t have access ? The utility drive comes back clean.

Best regards…Christina

Hi, are you able to see the drive on the PC section? What are you doing when you get the error?

Hi IIuna.
What is installed on the PC Win 10 under Apps Is
WD SmartWare on that I click to open WD to check on updates and files going through. This is what I cannot do anymore.
Also installed is Drive Utilities and Security.
There is one thing that bothers me right from the beginning is that the PC does not start after a shut down or restart with the WD drive plugged in.

Thanks for answering…Christina