My Passport Multiple Drive

I have more than one My Passport drives plugged in but Windows 7 only can see one of them. Is it not possible to use more than one at the same time?

By the way, they both show up in the Device Manager but only one appears in Windows Explorer.

Go into Disk Management (Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management) and make the second one “Online”.  Or, alternately, if one is still empty, you could re-format it, and to my knowledge Windows would issue it a new identifier.

If the drives shipped with the same ID from the factory, Windows thinks it’s the same drive and doesn’t mount the second one.

I’ve had the same thing with my 1TB My Book Essentials drives… they shipped from the factory with the same identifier and I had to force them “Online” to get the second (and third) one to show up.

Thanks RoofingGuy. That was the solution!

You’re welcome.

Just for completeness, for others reading through this, obviously the formatting method doesn’t work if the second, empty drive is the one not showing up… in that case, you’d either have to disconnect the other drive (since Windows will show either one, just not both) or use the force “Online” method.