My Passport issue with Windows 7

I have been having an issue with the My Passport HD on both Windows 8 and Windows 7 Dell computers. With the HD  connected to the computer and the computer started from a cold boot, the screen is black for 1 minute 40 seconds before the Dell logo appears. With HD not connected and the computer is cold booted, the wait is only a few seconds.

I have been using this same HD on XP computers with no such issue. At the advice of WD technicians, I did a diagnostics test, I reformatted the My Passport, and a number of other procedures. None of these worked.  Western Digital did send a replacement drive, but this did the same thing. I have tried this HD on  two Windows 8 computers and two Windows 7 computers, all with the same result.

All this said, the computer does recognize the HD and I can put files on it. Also, if I simply do a restart with the HD connected, the computer boots up fine with no such issue.

I also have a WD My Book HD. This unit does not pose the issue I am having. It works as it should on XP, 7, and 8 computers. I recently purchased a Seagate Expansion drive. This also works perfectly with no delay during a cold boot.

The only solution I have currently is to wait until the computer has booted before connecting the My Passport.  Of course this is totally unacceptable and one should not need to endure such inconvenience. In searching the Internet, I found that others have this same issue, but I have not found a solution that will work.

I understand that this issue is now in the hands of the engineering department. I can only hope they will find a solution.


Hello, provably you have external drives selected as the first boot option, try going into your BIOS and change to the internal drive as the first option.