My Passport is not working


I bought My Passport Elite a while ago, and it was working in a good way with no problems.

I PUT A PASSWORD 2 PROTECT IT, and still working fine with no problems.

but oneday I think it was 2 weeks ago, I pluged my passport into a laptop but it didn’t read it, I thought it was an OS problem, cause I used Vista when I put a password on it, even thought I used it on a PC with Win XP with out any troubles, but the other one that didn’t read it had Win Vista, I didn’t care at that time.

Now when I pluged it into the Original PC the one I put the password on it, the HD doesn’t show up, and the VCD doesn’t read it, all I get is (no writable WD smartware partition found)…

I have no Idea what to do, I googled the problem, and they say Format it from the Disk Manager (it’s OK I will do some Data Recovery after the format cause I really need these Data), I tried 2 do that but when I try to Initialize the HD it tells me (the media is write protected).

I Tried the WD Firmare Updater software, when I reach the point to check the Warning 2 format it and then press continue, I get the message (The Application Has Encountered an unexpected error and is now exiting).

Please some1 tell me what should I do, doesn’t mean i’ve lost all the Data on it, and is the HD not gonna work anymore???

if any1 knows how 2 fix this problem PLEASE help me out…

Thanx Sadeem

Hello Sadeem,

Have you tried using the unlock.exe utility which is included on Virtual CD?  Do you get any errors when running it?