My passport is not working (UPDATE: ITS DEAD)

im using my passport ultra metal eddition 2599 and i accidentally drop it while its plugged in my computer and now when i replug it, it makes a click noise in 1 minute, the light works but i can’t find my files. what would i do?

UPDATE: its dead, my hard disk inside is completely broken, i don’t know if it has scratches or broken but its dead, there is no other way unless you have a awnser for it.

Call a data recovery company.

It seems your drive is physically damaged due to drop down. You need to call hard drive service center to resolve this issue.

my hard drive is now getting fixed soon but i need a question, is the usb hub (that i bought) connecting to my hard drive the big cause of it? (also using the controller connected to the usb hub at the same time).